It’s #Fall and time for Cauliflower the size of my head! #serves10

So had to resort to the picture menu. #overload (at Shopsin’s)

Waiter walks up and says. “First off, I don’t pick for people. Figure it out” wow. (at Shopsin’s)

Thanks again @caffevita for the room to record @Popfoods TV today! Can’t wait to see how it comes together. Now to the editing room. #PopfoodsTV #newepisodessoon

What’s this? Well your gonna have to check out the new @dangerrangerbear app next week to find out! @prometheusdesignwerx #moHawkiscoming #pdw

From @SCDNYC SousChef to #soundboimmonkeywrangler @chefstorey (at Caffe Vita LES)

@caffevita getting ready to shoot some @Popfoods TV snippets! (at Caffe Vita LES)

Ok. Who was the #butthead that actually said that @U2 and @apple weren’t #genius and incredibly generous to simply effortlessly make this fantastic albums available and totally free with no strings. Once again. You’ve won my #loyalty I will pay for it. Wish more artist took this path.

The inBetween (at underground new york)

#Taste talks incredible street side demo on Japanese Damascus style knife making! #mastersatwork